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Knowledge, Access and Community.

Kick off your angel investment journey with rich and simplified knowledge on evaluating global early stage startups. Get access to early stage technology startups who exist in closed networks and connect with a diverse community of operators and professionals with shared experiences.

  • Knowledge

    We share educational content on angel investing and technology startups in simple and plain language.

  • Access

    Access to startups and founders at their earliest stages and support their journey as an angel

  • Community

    Connect with a diverse group across the world on the journey to becoming an angel investor.

A Team of Operators, VCs & Entrepreneurs

We have been on both sides of the table, as operators, entrepreneurs and investors. We will share everything we know on investing in early stage high growth startups.

  • Investment Experience

    We have reviewed thousands of pitch decks, spoken with hundreds of founders and made several investments in startups across Africa, Latin America, USA, and Europe.

  • Entrepreneurs At Heart

    We are entrepreneurs, operators and have first hand experience scaling multinational startups.

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